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train bridge

Diversion Channel

We are very proud of the work our team did on the diversion chanel for CN in March 2022.  This is one of the largest of it's kind in North America and is a part of the rebuild from the 2021/2022 floods in Southern BC.

train bridge repair with heavy duty cranes

Dec 2021

Bridge Fix

The Diversion Channel truely started with replacing the bridge that was washed out in the floods of 2021.

The Base

After prepping the site, our crew got to work framing up the massive base of the Diversion Channel.

concrete forming under a train bridge
Welding a diversion chanel under a train bridge

The Chute

While the base was being framed, our welders were busy installing the spillway to handle all the water gathered.

The Wall

Next to the base, the 12 foot high wall was next to be framed.

concrete framing and rebar under a train bridge
Spillway diversion channel under a train bridge

Full Spillway

Each panel required pilings and braces to go in first all teh way down to the river below.


Just in case the spillway ever jammed, this emergency culvert was installed as additional protection for the bridge.

diversion culvert being installed by construction workers
cn rail train on a bridge over a diversion channel spillway


Our welders had a tall task of intalling all the panels, but the results were impressive.

April 2022

Ready for the Rain

After 2 massive pours, the forms came off to reveal the structure below, just in time to start gathering all the runoff water coming down the mountain.

Concrete diversion chanel under a cn rail train bridge
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